Just because.

A couple of years ago, when it hit the shelves, I bought the book ‘Dip’, Wild swims from the borderlands by Andrew F. Peters.  The book became part of a still growing number of books on my own shelves about wild swimming, hiking and bicycling, predominantly in the UK as the English print the most gorgeous books on all things and nature. Mostly about things of what they say is typically English. ;)

..Many of us Dutchies are not so proud of  country and heritage, it feels we lost that somehow and also, those who are, they are not so verbal about it.

But anyways, about the book.. or perhaps not about the book at all really.. more about us waterrats who stand by the side of the water and feel this longing, that thirst to get in, into the sea, ocean, pool, river. Who dares to step into the things that make us happier or healthier, freezing cold or just bloody content or who steps back. (Logic dear Watson..)

Then the other day I took that conscious step into water, out of the life filled with herbal study books and a barn with pooh smelling gorgeous wool. I bicycled to the water and stepped in, not to play or cool off but just to be in that water.

And I felt the cold around me and the soft little non stinging jellyfish bobbing against my skin, saw the anemones and crabs under water, seaweeds greens, browns, reds, tasted the salt. ..I saw the sky from the water’s perspective.

So now, almost every day, I take different routes to the water’s edge and swim for a wee while, or just float. Or to use Andrew Peter’s word, I dip. =)


think the content of the blog might be changing. ;)


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