To be a plant witch.

Cut plants and herbs with care, those that are abundant now. Or use food, outer leaves of cabbage, cuttings of the berries, nettle o and dandelion! they are in flower now.

And I bicycle over small roads through fields and fields of them.  Yellow lions teeth. And I make more samples and more samples, plant dye samples. With acv without, with ashes and without, with heat, with Father Sun and it makes me feel like a proper witch stirring in that hot cauldron and watch, whisper and care for fermenting  bottles with plant dyes.

Purple fingers, brown stains, feathers, bones and dreams, so many dreams in those pots.

I sometimes wonder if it is enough to only make samples and love them and never make anything else with them than little flags or scarves to bind the wild hair and knot together dreads of young women.

and perhaps it is.=)

or perhaps its because of those screaming monsters. ;)



7 thoughts on “To be a plant witch.

  1. Oh, I do think it’s enough….I love the flags and it would be a joy to wear one of your scarves to bind the wild hair :-) .
    You know what these photos remind me of? Your being here and we were experimenting with bundles of various plant combinations. I still have the ones that we bundled around the pinecones. Wish we lived closer….it would be so nice to get together and bundle and brew….and laugh….and ooh and ahhh over our discoveries. By the way, what is the combination that you used for the top mauve-brown colored sample? It is a lovely color.
    Hope you are having a beautiful day my dear friend.

  2. How could I forget =) best place to work is on your kitchen floor! I do not really have a good hand in bundle dyeing I have to say, perhaps that is where you need bff’s for.. and for drinking way too much tea and coffee with and talking about life, deep deep talks about life!
    Madder un-heated at first, left it to soak for 3 days on a warm spot close to the Aga then heated it and then it sometimes becomes this dark-ish purple-is brown-ish colour. xx

    1. Yes, the browner tones, I believe, from the tannins, and then if that is heated and poured off a couple of times (using it up for dyeing, not really pouring it off :-) ) , then I think it will yield more red tones. Let me know if you find that to be true with your methods. I actually love the color that you have. I never got that gorgeous shade. So much to learn and so many variables. So wish we could get together…I sure miss you…and I wish we were on the kitchen floor again….either yours or mine.

      1. Yes you told me I remember. Try soaking it first and then only let half of it in the solution to see what happens, I won’t spoil the fun by telling. and remember that wool gives utterly different and often harder colours than cotton Dawn.
        I am now boiling grapefruit peel for mordant, some you won’t have to do with wool either, will send you a pic of the results. And yes, get together, perhaps we can meet somewhere in the middle (..which is somewhere in the middle of the ocean innit?).. or when you come teach your classes in Europe again. or we just keep sending love vibes. =) x

      2. Okey, dokey….As soon as I finish up with the week of company/graduation, I am going to dig out my bag of Madder roots and have a play time. Thanks so much for the dyeing tips….can’t wait to give it a try…it will be fun to experiment :-)
        I think we’re going to have to pick one side or the other of the pond as I’m not as strong a swimmer as you. Let’s put our heads together….certainly we can figure something :-)))
        Love you bunches!

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