Sea and lake.

I love all subjects from the lessons in the Herbal Immersion program by Chestnutschool of herbal medicine  . From classes about immune stimulants to the different ways of making medicine to hydrotherapie. All these different subjects about Herbal medicine that also lead to more and deeper understanding about nature and freedom. I cannot be more grateful for the teachers and herbalists.  (and for the, non big corporative, herbalist blogs and books out there in the wild wild world.)

Hydrotherapy, healing with water, is one of the lessons in the Immersion program that teaches the basics about one of the gentlest forms of healing and I do love gentle-ness like how I always loved how people responded to a felted raw fleece, it calmed them the moment they touched it. no words, no nothing, just touch.

Me being a bit of a water-rat soaked up this knowing of how water can be a carrier for medicine, memory and information and how it can be medicine in itself and it made me want to understand and be taught more so learning is a continuing thing as there is so much to know about H2O. But this also, this, in the heart of things, teaches in the first place about freedom, logic and trusting instincts.  Freedom being one of my favourite school subjects. =)

Because without anyone telling you or giving you permission, that what we feel in first instance when we are near or in water, that first nano second without our rational brain interfering, is that it is good, it’s healing. That intuitive big inhale when we smell the sea, the feeling in your mouth when you (finally..) drink that glass of water, the exhale and letting go when we take a foot bath, the thrill or joy when we take a dip in a stream, the relief when someone washes you when you are ill.

 learning you can trust your instincts…perhaps that is one of the many reasons we have teachers x


2 thoughts on “Sea and lake.

  1. It is so good to read a post from you. You, like the waters, are a healer…your words are soothing and real…from the heart. And, you are so right about trusting our instincts….and why I so wanted to take those workshops from you all those years ago, my wise teacher. And, I was right…Loved you and your teaching from the very beginning, and for all time, my dear friend.

    1. o, I have been thinking about you just today and missed you though it is such a comforting amazing thought to know that you, such an wonderful creature, lives there just across the ocean and how we live in each others heart. bff right? =) Thank you for your comment dear Dawn, many hugs!

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