100 and two.

There are so many blogs and words written already, another blog with even more words might seem a bit useless.  But starting 100 and two makes complete sense to me, as does fighting boundaries, studying herbs, making a burrow, talking to a cat, climbing trees, walking barefoot, drinking beer, watching clouds, dancing in the forests with my luv’, swimming in the cold sea and eating lots and lots of veggies.

My name is Elis Vermeulen, I work as a visual artist. Some of my work is here. One of my projects is here and started this with a life long friend until we appointed new admins after four years of hard work.

and to top it all, instagram.

Life is so many things.

© Elis Vermeulen

It would be nice, kind, polite and such if, when you use my shots if you ask first. Giving credit rocks. =)

pull watermerk-3


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