Once you allow yourself to think about things differently the rest somehow follows.

Life is fragile, that thought.. life is fragile, popped up and refuses to leave me. When I throw away things that hold memories and trust my brain to remember what it needs to.  And I want to live this fragile, amazing life and be me, and make safe burrows in the woods.

And sometimes it is both, strong and fragile. As when I look at where we live now, this downsized home and living community. When I look at art or study, people, validity, love.

Being strong, accepting fragility.. that thought.

Global burrow art project

global burrow artproject Ireland
global burrow artproject Ireland

2 thoughts on “Fragile.

  1. Yes, 2017, has started out as an especially ‘fragile’ year….It serves to remind us to be sure to let those we love, know it.

    I love the writings of Paulo Coelho and his quote seems a good fit with your post, “The strongest love is the love that can demonstrate its fragility.”

    That being vulnerable/fragile with others actually requires strength, doesn’t it? Funny, how the two go hand-in-hand.

    Love you very much,

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