A bubble a day.

Today was a bubble kind of day, a good day in which I mended the holes in my love’s felted house boots, made big jars full of sauerkraut and focussed on study .

I’ve been thinking lots about bubbles lately and where focus lies and how to best do what I do best and make those necessary positive vibe waves. I do believe in them vibes.

For now, I hope whoever reads this has a steady flow of bubbles in her or his life. Stay sane, stay afloat, stay strong my friend, you can do this.  x

Elis Vermeulen 100andtwo

Elis Vermeulen 100andtwo


Drastic measures.

I  got home after a giving the last of a series of ayurvedic massages and while I was cutting up my kale for lunch and was thinking about getting my books out and just study for a couple of days and thinking about how giving massages sort of feels the same as making felt, the way you move and how you feel what is there beneath your hands,  I cut my thumb.

roly poly-6

Actually cut a piece right off and thus sort of granted myself more then just a couple of days time to study, which is not bad… so I tell myself anyway while I clean the dressing and use herbs on the outside and herbs on the inside to aid in the healing proces.

And it brings me back to the power of the Ayurvastra, healing in cloth, in a whole different way, a very very practical way.. and I think this weekend might be a good one for drastic wrapping measures. ;)

have a good one and do take care with sharp objects ok? x


Full moon.


It is late but still the 16th of October. The night of the full moon and the promised blanket, from last post, is done and should arrive somewhere on this globe by next month. Other blankets, thick hairy and full of air to cover beds, givers of healing dreams to deep sleepers, are by now stacked neatly on shelves in a gorgeous store and new ones, those to hold and cover you or me, felted carefully and treated with herbal love will be ready sometime this month.

No words seem to fit properly these days as I learned so much I did not yet process and there is so much more I know I need or would like to know and understand.  About how memory is stored in our heart space, about freedom, about how certain herbs adapt themselves to your needs, about how hollow and disconnected we grown ups can be from ourselves and that there are ways of caring to connect you or me to our inner core again and I realise the importance of it. I heard the word marma in a class and read the word mudra and the name Octillo for the first time in my life and I once more learned that life is never confined.

Perhaps I will just shout and whisper at the same time or mumble or howl, ‘take good care of yourself, you are precious.’


I see you.

One of my favorite girls in this world and I talked about this plan for a give away I’ve been carrying with me since I first laid my hands on the wool for the precious blankets I wrote about in the previous post, and she gave me the words I needed to write about this Give Away. ‘You are here, and I am here too.’

Some time ago a beautiful one send me the link to this song ‘Bitter earth’. .. go ahead, click and listen.. I’ll wait.

..Sometimes we are overwhelmed by this world, us sensitive folk and we hide, under blankets or in the arms of waiting friends. At the same time we might need or even hunger for souls to show you; ‘But while a voice within me cries, I’m sure someone may answer my call, and this bitter earth may not be so bitter after all.’

And there is also this song by Rising Appalachia.

Also, a bit back I wrote this post about baby blankets and this one about healing in cloth, which to me seemed like two paralel soft winding tracks finding each other through woods and over green hills. I was silenced during the proces and this silent feeling is still here. Those baby blankets I made were packed and send on their ways but that was not the end of the story, not just because I slowly kept walking that track.

Lots of things happen in a life time.. or a week. And when one expecting momma received her blanket parcel, she told me that they had choosen to buy all their baby things 2nd hand as they are worried about the toxicity of the used dyes in affordable baby clothes and hoped the toxicity would be less in 2nd hand clothes. She cried when she saw her gift and then she laughed with tears in her eyes and told me it was just because of the hormones she was so emotional =)  The other blanket arrived just in time to be wrapped around a newborn. His aunt told me how they talked about how this precious boy is surrounded and wrapped in love while they watched him sleep.

This give away is a special one to me, and I am taking this step with care and the knowledge of who I am and the love I am surrounded by. I somehow feel ancient doing this.. an ancient momma.

I am offering to an expecting mom, a handmade baby blanket, made specifically for you and your wee one due. I will use the softest wool I have and will felt the blanket without soap while I breathe love and care into the work. I will then gather herbs, I’ll fold them in the blanket, ask them to do their work and when that is done, when it is all done, I’ll send it to you.

So, if you are, or know, an expecting momma who could do with something warm and safe, something without any signs of ‘highstreetness’ (when you are familiar with my work you know what I mean ) if you hunger for a blanket made with love for your baby due, just go to my 100andtwo instagram page, click to follow the instagram page  (if you have not already) leave a message there, perhaps about who you are or why you’d like this blanket, in the give away post and repost that message before the moon is in her first quarter, October 9, so I have enough time to finish the work before full moon and will send this secret parcel before November.

ps, ..all this following and reposting might seem a bit mweh.. but it makes sense really doesn’t it, to say hi, shake hands, smile, be that community. =) xhealing in cloth


‘Are you seriously not staying here or could you at least look for another studio?’ someone asked when he came by and saw the amount of materials I still need to sort through. I tried explain its not the time yet for a new space bút time to leave and that looking at the huge body of my work made me wonder about my sanity (..and strength) too. I explained to him that my work just does not fold into neat little square boxes. =)

While not answering yet to strange and complicated questions about the next steps I keep getting, I enjoy this moving thing and this having to sort through things and noticing your heart jumping up, or hurting a little, when you see old pieces and deciding to move or loose them.

Detail of The Siblings


Bloody strong.

Definitely part of ‘Series’, You see it happen around you.

It was a hot day when we shot this and I held on tight to that wool when the guy behind the camera said ‘ Hold on for just another minute..’ =)

Because of the type of wool I used for this massive hand-felted piece, it sheds fibers, coarser wools often does that, and I ended up covered with hairs and fibers on my hot face and in my mouth. Grin, it was fun though.

Bloody strong-2

Bloody strong

Head first. No. 2 (series. )

So I am still thinking and working on thoughts about who we are as people and why and I (very annoying..) constantly want to ask people, ‘Where are you?’ ‘Are you happy?’ ‘What are you up to?’  ‘How do you feel? ‘How does that look like?’ ‘Need a boost or anything?’ =)

Today we shot The dive for the (series.)


Elis Vermeulen

Elis Vermeulen

Elis Vermeulen 2015

This one.

I taught class today and went to the studio early to take a look inside my brain at the stack of  ideas which have been accumulating there and start testing. But all I did was look at this piece, see how comforting, raw, strong and monumental it was laying there, see and feel its tactility, see the difference in hue, the difference in surface in this just one piece.

You should think I seen it all.. or something like that.. I’ve seen this material, smelled it, worked with it big and small and it keeps amazing me.. or is it challenging me? Grin..dunno..

Btw. The class was good, the students just bl.. brilliant ;)

Elis Vermeulen shape

Swept by sea-winds.


This fleece came from a milksheep closeby, an animal fed on grass often swept by sea winds. A soft fleece shorn by a young kind shearer.

The shot is made when the sun was going down, the colour of the room is typical for this time of day and year on the Northern hemisphere. The whole feel of the space, the light, the colour and the felt makes tha heart rate go down, makes tha breathe a bit deeper.



There is little to say about this piece, a whole part of this whole thought patterns process is only rather important to me innit? :) What I can say is that it was great to make and to see the colour, a plant dye, grow and seep into the material, exciting to see it attach and knowing when to stop. Perfection when I saw the wall we picked for the shot. :)

thought patterns



Vital parts of working with raw wool, to me, is how the material looks, feels, smells, its wildness and freedom, the depth of colours in the un-dyed material..

Did you know that every fleece, every fleece from a different herd, smells differently? Grinning..Some of my students will gladly inform you that I asked them to lick their fingers after touching raw wool to prove that every fleece also tastes differently.

(Raw wool is wool in its natural condition; not refined. Because of this particular felting process the wool is cleaned from its grease, but will still look as only sheared.)

(Gondola 90x 160. 2014)




Thought patterns.




This year I started gathering info on specific subjects I wanted to learn about and work on. Subjects I’ve been interested in for a long time. And I’ve been reading lots since.. well, since deciding it was time. Reading and thinking about human history, behavioral patterns, pathways and land.


It’s been a while since I hung a new swing somewhere for The despite act , in fact the last 5 felted swings will be taken down at the end of the Confluence exhibit this week.

Some things stick a bit, just because you are not done with them yet. As I am not done with the swings, they might pop up somewhere again in some perfect unused building or old cathedral. And talking of which, ‘t would be nice if you let me know if you know of that brilliant place to hang a swing for an hour, a bit or a while.. or if you have to go see a man about a horse.

..talking about things that stick, a song by Stu Larsen, 13 sad farewells.






Taking it down.

Saturday was the day I have been thinking about a lot these last months. Not that I did not also look forward to it, but as I had no control over how the piece got up, just about how I wanted ‘Matriarch’ to hang,  I had to trust others completely on getting the piece down again.  It seems I like to be in control of work-things. (..) The guys just laughed when I, for the gazillionssst time, told them about my worries and got on with things. I have one shot of how they got it down. ‘Easy’ they said ;)  How we build Matriarch? take a look. down-2