Hanging woman.

The story begins here, with the idea of a series of shots about changing perspectives and this is these are the first shots I wanted to share. A practice to hang and let go of tension in your body, just relax, and to let go of the expectations of what you are going to see.

All feelings change, how you see the world changes, depending on your perspective. Hanging upside down is a loving teacher and trees really are safe friends =)

So I was thinking we could start a #changingperspectiveshot community on instagram :) It is fairly simple, just go hang somewhere, in whatever shape or form, take a shot or ask someone to take it, post it and tag me so as I would love to see it.

For most people, the ones that can read, it is a while since they hung from a tree or in a playground. or anything, or just stood on their head outside yoga class and it is so good for you, I promise. So do whatever you do upside down safely and foremost, enjoy the different perspective, the letting go, the joy of living in abundance & experiencing love in everything. 💚

ps. After posting these shots on my Instagram  I got a comment how it reminded the writer of ‘hanged man’ in Tarot, which made me laugh, I had not thought of it before and will now have to stir up what I know of the card and change that perspective too. =)




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