Wooden shoes.

When i was a young, I was sometimes allowed to wear my bright red wooden shoes to school instead of the normal brown school shoes. I still remember liking them as much as my bright red fancy lacquer shoes. The latter utterly impractical for going anywhere. and I still have no clue why my mom allowed me to have them… I loved the sound of both I think.

Now a grownup, so the figures state at least, my wooden shoes are not painted bright red anymore but my love for them is still strong, =) I even have a favourite brand I can get from the windmill close by, where they grind the grains, but seriously when the snow finally fell, the sun rode high and the soil in the little greenhouse warmed up there is nothing for it, you just have to take them off, and the 3 pairs of socks you are wearing. ;)

Hope you are having a great winter.. or summer wherever you are.




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