Kinds of waiting.

In the last post I ended with ‘So now we wait.’ and that is where this post also begins.

Some bits of waiting are the silent sitting and breathing kind of waiting and some, like this one, is the very active kind of waiting.

..The opening your heart, searching for debris and getting rid of it, celebrating life kind of waiting. It is like yin-yoga where you begin to stretch and then you notice where you hold on to things, pain, stress, tension, wrong ideas about life or yourself and let them go, so you can stretch deeper..

..The yeah it is really good to breathe, meditate and immerse yourself in mother sea when you can, but let’s in the meantime learn who you are and what your dreams really are- kinda waiting. And more things, dreams I thought were mine, more voices are stripped away, more tense breaths are getting shooed out of my system and more wise women appear who show you how strong you are.. I am, I mean, ;) but we have to do the work.

It is life full on innit? Life I mean, is full on when you are hungry to live it to your fullest potential. Full on and yeah, good.

So as for me? Yes I wait and in the meantime I make Artemisia herbal oil, green and good!, drink the mandatory Chamomile and Hawthorn tea, make the best salads to fuel me proper, bicycle to the sea and back for a dip, breathe in scents of plants, travel and kiss my loved ones. And also I talk, I listen, I breathe and open up and I trust that I am exactly at the right place right now and so are you. And I think you are amazing at it.

=) x


Blessed be.


2 thoughts on “Kinds of waiting.

  1. I love reading your blog posts my dear friend. You are so wise and insightful and have such a good heart. I am so blessed to know you. Reading this post has started my day off on such a calm and refreshing note. I send you much love and gratitude.

    1. I am glad though we live thousands of miles apart the words gave you a calm start of the day dear woman. Sending love and gratitude to you too, lots and lots of love. x!

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