Let’s go places you and I. 

This year we bicycled for a long time, way way up, across borders and up.. down mountains and we swam in foreign rivers, fjords and sea, and then way way down again.

Then, one day resting and thinking nothing in particular, suddenly I realised, just for a second, I do not have to do anything.
I do not have to study, do not have to create, say, or do anything.

No but’s.. just for a second.
And that second of knowing freed an enormous amount of space in my mind… cascading seems a good word for it.
And consciousness is still expanding.
…Holidays are good for that, to distance yourself from your life, routines and thoughts, mindfucks and laws of place.

It has been a year full with new and big steps and silence too. And this month I had one more step to make, a thread to cut and I deleted my official work-website.. Well actually I just let it go, like a kite in a storm. ‘Breathe and let go.. new things await.’ 

It is not that I know yet of the new that awaits, but I handed over my keys long ago, gifted my work, destroyed some, handed over materials and stepped away from the social worlds of the arts, but this last bit I kept. My words in materials made visible you see? and now it’s gone and I am still me, growing and breathing strong and convinced it is so okay.

I am grateful for the things I was able to do by the way, and because of my work I met folk around this round world of ours and some of them, some of you, became friends for life. thank you for that trust. I love you. (Let’s have coffee or skype soon.)

So, now we wait. =)





2 thoughts on “Let’s go places you and I. 

  1. You are so brave…all of the letting go and change…and yet so grounded and at peace, which is a good sign.

    I would love to Skype and drink coffee…just not to close to the computer as I am a little clumsy ;-) . I leave for Australia this morning….wish we were meeting up there. As soon as I return home, let’s make a date for a Skype call….I miss you bunches. So happy that you had the opportunity to slow down, rest, think and sit in beautiful poppy fields….Life is good.

    Love you so much,

    1. Yes please :) lets made that date when you are back from all your world travels my friend. Do have brilliant times you and tell Australia I will come kiss it too. x

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