It is February, the second full moon with its massive impact is waining, Imbolc is already some days behind us now and we enjoy the longer but finally colder days. So a lot of people here on the Northern hemisphere are noticing this happy feeling in their bodies while they are listening to the returning of the bird songs and waiting, looking forward to spring and the growing of the first fresh nettles.

I am still spending a lot of time in my quiet corner of this world as the days of study are not over and they might never be. Plant medicine, the green world, mother nature, there is so much information, also as more and more doors open. There is so much to be totally blown away by, amazed by.. okay and so much I just cannot grasp and so many hours of learning to see and seeing how I know so very little yet…which is a good thing, otherwise life would perhaps become a tad boring.. ;)

So, but still, one day I left my books and my computer and set to work on this gorgeous raw fleece as I needed a new bag and our little dwelling, for a moment, stopped smelling of herbs, medicinal and massage oils and took on that so favourite scent of wet raw warm fleece.

#youjustgottoloveit =))

Hope you are well, have a good one you. x


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