Elder and art.

We’ve done illegal stuff the other day. good illegal stuff. To benefit others and all- kinda herbal illegal stuff.

I grew good strong little Elder-plants from cuttings we took last year, (we all know it is a hazardous job to cut from an Elder, they just do not like it when you mess with them, so rest assured we asked for permission first.) Elder with its fragrant flowers and medicinal deep purple berries.

Those cuttings became plants, young and strong and as Elders are historically important plants, tales are told about them, and you find them around farms and grave-yards as they are known for their protective qualitites, we * planted them around our town…as one does with Elder.

Secretely. on a sunday morning.

and it was ever so good.

Silently and secretly.. even though they suddenly wrote about it in the newspaper. (..)

In coming exhibit which runs from april 29 (details to come)  I am going to bring a dozen Elder, as Multiples, as artists do on an exhibit, numbered multiples, and if you acquire such a piece  and live in town, I’ll come and plant it for you and tell you a story about this plant. It’s all part of the deal, the art deal.. or the ‘I really dig Elder’-deal.. or if Elder appears in your dreams and you crave them, or if you need Elder for you health.  Just know, Elder ‘s got your back.

* We =  Anna, that girl who lives in the UK, was here to do illegal things with me.


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