A bubble a day.

Today was a bubble kind of day, a good day in which I mended the holes in my love’s felted house boots, made big jars full of sauerkraut and focussed on study .

I’ve been thinking lots about bubbles lately and where focus lies and how to best do what I do best and make those necessary positive vibe waves. I do believe in them vibes.

For now, I hope whoever reads this has a steady flow of bubbles in her or his life. Stay sane, stay afloat, stay strong my friend, you can do this.  x

Elis Vermeulen 100andtwo
Elis Vermeulen 100andtwo

2 thoughts on “A bubble a day.

  1. You are a joyous bubble in my life. Thank you so much for always being there, even all the way across the ocean, my sweet and loving friend. I appreciate you so much.


    P.S. What are those white half circle shaped pieces shown in the photo? I don’t have anything like that in my kitchen, and I’m sure that I must need one :-)

  2. Those are the weights that fit in the ceramic sauerkraut pots to sort of push the kraut down. I will post a photo of the pots one day. handmade Dutch practical and gorgeous. I cannot imagine how you lived without them dear bubbleishiest Dawn. it is time you hop on over this ocean between us and get you some. =) grin. Love you.

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