Drastic measures.

I  got home after a giving the last of a series of ayurvedic massages and while I was cutting up my kale for lunch and was thinking about getting my books out and just study for a couple of days and thinking about how giving massages sort of feels the same as making felt, the way you move and how you feel what is there beneath your hands,  I cut my thumb.

roly poly-6

Actually cut a piece right off and thus sort of granted myself more then just a couple of days time to study, which is not bad… so I tell myself anyway while I clean the dressing and use herbs on the outside and herbs on the inside to aid in the healing proces.

And it brings me back to the power of the Ayurvastra, healing in cloth, in a whole different way, a very very practical way.. and I think this weekend might be a good one for drastic wrapping measures. ;)

have a good one and do take care with sharp objects ok? x



2 thoughts on “Drastic measures.

  1. I love the photos and the beautiful felt and feet….Are those yours or Henk’s feet?

    Oh, and I wanted to read/tried to click on the link for the ” the Ayurvastra, the healing in cloth”, but it has an error message. Am I doing something wrong or maybe my old computer is not cooperating :-)

    I’m certainly sorry about you and that sharp object….ouch. Sending you big hugs and love and wishes for speedy healing.

    1. Those feet are mine alone grin, they rolled me up in one big huge piece of handmade felt.
      As for the link, the fault was not due to your old pc dear Dawn =) its fixed now. thank you for the warning. xx

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