Healing in cloth.

In the world of herbal study it is easy to wander away from the most well known roads of natural healing, the herbal western way, the Ayurvedic way or the ancient Chinese wisdom as there are more, so many more ways. It just blows my mind and I keep saying I need another lifetime to learn the basics of it all.

And as I was wondering about when disease or trauma or memory is set into our cells and genes, gets imprinted, and when care can be carried by an object as simple as a post-card or something a dear friend or your father treasured and gave you, can herbal medicine be in fact imprinted in ‘the cells’ of a cloth so it can care or heal or correct an inbalance?

Curcuma longa

I mean there are so many different carriers of medicine. There are medicine bags that contain stones and plant medicine, there are smells that relieve you from anxiety, there is the warmth of a persons body that comforts us, wisdom in the written words of love, there is healing in water, there is health in a good meal, redemption in a smile, gratitude in a gift, knowledge in seeing.


And I believe it can. Cloth can act as a carrier for medicine. As it, the cloth, can be literally imprinted with the plants colour or shape, smell and thus, in my view, take on its medicine. And this imprint will change the cloth forever and it will cover you or me and give us that medicine to help us gather ourselves, balance us, heal us in the most gentle of ways. Ahimsa.Golden curcuma longa

=)) It made me laugh as when I realised that generations before me probably knew all of this and it just took me a while to tap into it, it would be good to search for evidence.  In less then a minute I found posts and videos on the subject of cloth as a carrier for medicine. And it has a name. Ayurvastra.  grin. I love it when things make you laugh.



7 thoughts on “Healing in cloth.

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  2. Yes. This is one of the things I learned about recently and as a nature dyer it made such sense to me. Just be careful what plant you use to do the dyeing with…some are less benign then others.

    1. Hey Jen, glad to meet you here to and yes it is about care and healing not killing =) and yes again, as the whole regular textile dye is a concern both for the environment as for our bodies the natural dye is a great or necessary field to learn about and be inspired by or to inspire with. colour and care and a good loaf of bread. =)

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