It was a good week and a seriously great day saturday 13. Happy positive stuff. Building part of this piece ‘Retreating motion’ I felt comfortable with, as I have build it before, felt as flowing into a flow.. the happy groove. What I ended up with was a piece about 6 by 4 mrt wide.. grin ànd a longing to build the complete piece somewhere again.

The workshop, well it’s been a while since I taught beginner felters and the first time with so little students. And I tell ya, it was really relaxed to teach in my own space and lovely to have so much time and the (amazing, gorgeous and lovely) students worked and learned incredibly fast. It was great fun.

In the end we agreed on shaping this ‘one off’ workshop into a course, a series of classes where they will be working towards a goal and I am looking forward to teaching them and seeing things happen. During the day more people came by, keen on a workshop or a course.

Thank you students and everyone who came by to talk about work and art, you made my day.



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