There is little to say about this piece, a whole part of this whole thought patterns process is only rather important to me innit? :) What I can say is that it was great to make and to see the colour, a plant dye, grow and seep into the material, exciting to see it attach and knowing when to stop. Perfection when I saw the wall we picked for the shot. :)

thought patterns



10 thoughts on “Ink.

  1. Yes, you are right, I last taught a class in the US with Dawn Edwards last year and needed to focus on exhibits after that. But I’ve had more people ask about teachings and am thinking about it Carla van Iersel. So if it is decided I will teach some classes again, I will post some about it ok? Best.

    1. Hello Ellis, it would be very nice! Last september i started a two- year study on the Dutch Felt Academy in Baard Friesland. Maby you can give a workshop in a practiseweek there? Have a nice time and surprise me with your nice work!
      Best wishes, Carla

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