Fallow land.

It’s been a heavy kinda two years work-wise, little p(l)ay and two massive exhibits with me at the helm. Not complaining, its just been a tad much.

So, not being a happy bunny lately I realized it is time for some protective measures and take some time to rest and study.

When I talked about this with fellow artists they tell me ‘ Taking time off will bite you in your arse in the end, career-wise.’

‘But guys’ I replied, ‘I need to do some serious investigating, I have a stack of books I want to study and above all, a mind that needs good ol’ tlc.  And furthermore’, I sputter, ‘Thinking for some serious time and invest seems a fecking good idea..’

I do realize there are always at least (..) two sides to everything but ‘ve set me mind :).

Global Burrow project, Elis Vermeulen. More info.


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